Retail Services Telecom Services Pvt Limited Retail voice provides very high quality worldwide voice termination through a single connection to Telecom Services Pvt Limited's network Via TDM or IP. It’s a cost effective way for traffic direction to the specified destination using Telecom Services Pvt Limited extensive coverage. Telecom Services Pvt Limited Retail provides premium quality termination to either hard to reach or hard to maintain destinations. Our Retail Product is specially designed to suit retail providers who have a limited termination pool or limited routing resources. Since we route directly to either an incumbent carrier/PTT or a highly screened, locally interconnected carrier we guarantee high quality retail termination.

Telecom Services Pvt Limited utilizes sophisticated Least Cost Routing (LCR) techniques to ensure that :

  • Customers get the most optimized cost: quality ratio routing of VoIP calls.
  • Customers can choose A-Z VoIP routes where quality is never compromised.
  • Customers can easily access top tier A-Z VoIP carriers for retail class termination.

You can choose your own routing depth, which means you choose the number of carriers you need for each code. If a call fails on the first carrier, it is immediately re-attempted on second and third and so on, till the call becomes successful. Select with the ratios between ASR, ACD, PDD and rates.

  • 1 Reseller Program : Our VoIP Reseller Program provides everything you need to sell VoIP, including all dialers and software, 24×7 technical support, one-on-one account managements, and online tools to help manage customers and accounts. Contact us for a free test account and custom rate quote and start selling tomorrow!
  • 2 Reasons to join :

    Low A-Z

    The Best VoIP Rates to 1,200+ Destinations We actively collaborate with over 200 carriers worldwide to secure the best, lowest VoIP rates in the market. Plus, our account managers will negotiate rate plans that fit your specific business needs, providing you the most flexible VoIP plans for your customers.
  • 3 Customize Rates :

    With our VoIP reseller panel, resellers can create an unlimited number of custom rate sheets, customer bonuses, adjust billing increments, and more.

    Monitor Accounts in Real-Time

    Your panel updates in real-time, so you can monitor your balance or customer accounts as they are used. It’s an added layer of security for your business.

    Mobile Dialers :

    Free Mobile Dialers for Nokia, iPhone, Android & more
    Call from – or sell VoIP to – any cell phone in the world. Our high-quality dialers emulate each device’s native user interface, providing a seem less calling solution for your customers. Please see website name for a list of all available access products.

    Antiblock for U.A.E., Kuwait, & other countries :

    Antiblock (also called VPN) prevents ISPs from monitoring and blocking your customers’ VoIP calls. Call quality remains the same, but your customers will be able to make calls without being blocked.
    We provide dialers with built-in antiblock customized for your country and actively monitor for new blocks. As with all of our software, this is provided free-of-charge to resellers.

    24x7 Support :

    24×7 Support
    Chat with tech support 24×7 online, or submit a support ticket through your panel to escalate the issue. Best-quality, cloud-based call network
    Our servers live in the cloud, maintain constant backups and failovers, and are distributed over three continents. That means your data and calls are safe, secure, and won’t go down.

    Get Started :

    Complete our signup form and an account manager will contact you in 24-48 hours with a response. If you would like a test account or rate quote, please provide details in the comments section. To chat with sales directly, please visit our general contact page.

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