Telecom Services Pvt Limited

Retail Services

Telecom Services Pvt Limited Retail voice provides very high quality
worldwide voice termination through a single connection
to Telecom Services Pvt Limited's network Via TDM or IP

Wholesale Services

Telecom Services Pvt Limited offers A-Z termination (Wholesale VoIP)
as well as dedicated white route termination (White CLI Routes)
services via Tier-1 VoIP Providers.


Telecom Services Pvt Limited is a premium VoIP provider based in Hong Kong. Our service is designed to provide customers with a level of quality they would expect from VoIP lines. Pvt Limited is a global VoIP solution providers with direct contracts with international telecommunications providers across the globe. Our primary business includes A-Z termination services, Retail & Reseller solutions for VOIP services. Our termination destinations include India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, UAE, Ethiopia and almost all other destinations.  Read More...

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